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Monday, January 19, 2009

Android : The Future of Mobiles

In this post, i will give a brief on Android. Those who don’t know about it, Android is a mobile operating system built by Google under the first goal of OHA or Open Handset Alliance. It is built in Java but quite different than J2ME. If anyone interested of more information on android, please visit

Now I will describe you about how you can start working on android.

First of all, remember that Android is not a language or IDE. It’s a kind of operating system. I think I should make it clear to you from my experience.

Think of Microsoft’s Windows XP, Linux, Mac or other operating systems. We, the software developers generally don’t make such type of operating systems but we make applications that will run in those operating systems. We make the applications either Java or C#  or others as our choice. These applications executed by the help of the operating systems. They use the resources of the hardware under the management of the os. And, we can see that, the operating systems also have some default applications that the users can use.

Android is such type of operating system that is used in some specific mobile handsets. We make the applications that will run under this os and use the hardware for execution. And, the language used to make such applications is Java.

Now, can we use any java ide for development? The answer is No. Because, Android system has some specific packages that can’t be found all of the ide. Until now, eclipse made android supported ide for application development.

I think it will be helpful for you to understand what is Android and how we can make applications.

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