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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Importance of English

Dear friends,
Now a days, english is the main language all over the world.
And since our software industry is expanding to the world market, industrialists want the persons who is able to communicate with the foriegn buyers.
I heard from a reliable source that, a person with technical skill 10/10 with english profeciency 4/10 is not selected when the employer find a person with technical skill 7/10 with english profeciency 7/10.
So, we have to improve our english skills.

One can improve his/her skill in various ways. But the most effective way seems to me is watching english movie frequently with headphone, not with speaker. Just think, when you hearing english via headphone, only the words they spell struck in your head. And more of this, you get yourself inside of the movie. Its quite similar to going in that environment.

Of course, you have some other ways.. May be i will discuss those later if you want.


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